Most video game box art sucks. The new DOOM’s cover, however, is especially bad. Thankfully, Bethesda seems to have taken note of this, and is offering fans a “vote” on a reversible second cover.

I say “vote” because while two options are being presented to fans to choose from, one is so bad—and the other so good—that the winner seems a forgone conclusion.

(Indeed, the good option is trouncing the other in voting).

First, here’s the default front cover in all its blandness.


Now here’s the bad option for a reversible inside.

Now here’s the good one. The one that should have been the game’s front cover in the first place.


This is nothing new, of course; Okami was made famous (or infamous) in 2008 for offering alternate reversible covers, only then it was because the original artwork had an IGN watermark on it, not because it sucked.