I Had One Good Tiger Woods Anecdote (Emphasis On *Had*)

To: Ashcraft
From: Totilo
Re: Hate The Air Conditioner, Hate It


Whoa. Those long-neck people/things are creepy. But it does remind me that stretchable limbs have been way underdone in games. What was the last breakthrough: Dhalsim? Wasn't he the first breakthrough in that field as well? Terrible, terrible, game developers. And don't give me some Fantastic Four game as a counter-argument.

Ash, do you know what's worse than getting sick? It's having a good anecdote spoiled by the course of human events. I assume you're familiar with the current Tiger Woods car-crash/"transgressions" imbroglio?


OK. Well, get this:

For years I have had one go-to Tiger Woods anecdote. Everyone knows who he is, and many people know he's a private guy. But me... I could tell them a story Tiger told me about his wife! Yes, video game reporting does matter, I could prove to ordinary people.

My story was that Tiger told me, I think in 2005 during an EA event promoting his latest golf game, that he liked playing Resident Evil 4 with his wife at his side, with the lights turned off. Pretty awesome, right? Shows that true gamers don't mind sharing their gaming habits, even if said true gamer is a famous man.

Well, so much for my awesome anecdote. Because now I can't tell that story any more without thinking someone is expecting me to deliver a punchline after it.


I tried to dig up proof that I reported this in '05, but all I could find was this '07 piece in which I received an RE4 update from the great golfer.

Oh well. Maybe I can still use that story with people?

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You forgot Lanky Kong!

Not that I blame you, no one remembers DK64. :'(