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I Can't Stop Watching These Amazingly Awkward Videos

We all need to learn how to be human beings. Some of us may need more help than others, and that's arguably why this "advanced kissing techniques" video exists—so, while I'm sure it fills a need, just...oh my god. No, just no. Why? The kicker is, it's not the only video like it.


Look at this "Erotic touch techniques" video (it's not really saucy, just AWKWARD/not safe for life.) Both this video and the one before it are from "Date Camp."


Date camp is a thing. A camp. That teaches you how to date. And it has a YouTube channel.

It was from here that I lost control and tumbled deeper and deeper into a black hole of awkward YouTube videos. There's a whole channel devoted to them over at The Cringe Channel. I...can't stop.

Here's a dude trying to explain hentai. He has a lot of trouble.

An old favorite: Spongebob style. As in, Spongebob x Gangnam style. I thought this was a parody or not serious at first, then I saw the rest of the YouTube channel—the kid is serious about Spongebob. You have no idea.

And there's a bunch more awkwardness in this YouTube channel. I will never think I'm an awkward person again.


Well, that's a weird sendoff to the weekend, Kotaku readers. Sorry! Just had to share; last time that happened we all slammed. But feel free to talk about awkwardness, weekend plans, or just about anything else in this open thread or in the new, fancier Talk Amongst Yourselves—it's on our new, upcoming layout/Kinja system.


Have a good, hopefully not awkward weekend!

Bonus question: which is worse, the kiss in the video up top, or the kiss in THIS?


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Kotaku...can you guys please tone these articles down a notch? If I wanted to read/watch something for amusement purposes, I would go to websites specifically for that. I come here to read about stuff going on in the video game universe that I might not get to read about on other gaming websites. Even the Kotaku East stuff is usually garbage (to me) as there are already several very popular websites for niche Japanese news as well.

Just keep everything video game related, please?