Space Jam Goes With Everything. EVERYTHING.

It's that time of year again—the time of year when someone links me a Space Jam mash-up and I fall into a terrifying black hole of WELCOME TO THE JAM again. I'm dragging you down with me this time, dear reader. I'm so sorry (...wait, no I'm not). This had to happen.

Here's a collection of video game related Slams, which prove the eternal axiom: Quad City DJ's Space Jam goes with everything (as I'm sure some of you are already aware—this isn't a new meme!)


Persona? Yup.

Smash Bros.? Sure. Hell, there's a whole album dedicated to the franchise!

Marvel vs Capcom 3? Uh huh.

(Thanks, DMThigpen!) Megaman? Well...

Tetris? Oh yeah.

Mario? Of course.

Rise of the Triad? Roger that.

Pokemon Uh, HELLO.

Sonic? Yes.

Zelda? Have at it.

Whatever...this is?

Guile's theme? !!??!

If you've heard a good Slam, make sure to share—I'm sure I've missed many!

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