Junk Jack | At some point I will be writing this up, but for now I just need to enthuse about my latest iPhone addiction: Junk Jack. It's a little bit Minecraft, a little bit Terraria .

Infinity Blade II Improves one of the iPad's Best Games

We hear from some quarters that video games that are not played with some use of a button do not count.
Wrong. The proof is on the iPad on my desk.
A year ago those buttons-or-bust gamers missed one of the iPad's best games, Infinity Blade. More »


Boy Goes Black Friday Shopping For Batman Game, Gets Punch in Face Instead

I've never been a fan of Black Friday, it's a celebration of everything terrible world: consumerism gone wild, so wild these days that it can lead to violence. More »


It's High Time For a Best Video Game Motion Capture Actor Award

In today's lifelike edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter MarcianTobay says it's time to honor the motion capture actors, without whom our professionally-voiced video game characters would be nothing more than well-spoken robots. More »


Fewer People Get Married in Skyrim Than Finish It

What have you accomplished in Skyrim? You've probably not finished it and it's even less likely you've reached Level 50 or gotten married.
Millions of people have played this year's biggest role-playing game. More »


Report: The Last Guardian Creator Leaves Sony

The man behind beloved games Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, and one of the lead developers of upcoming spiritual sequel The Last Guardian no longer works at Sony, according to a rumor reported by Eurogamer today.
Fumito Ueda is completing work on the game as a freelancer, according to Eurogamer's... More »


Does Choplifter HD Really Need Zombies and Duke Nukem?

Coming this winter to Xbox Live Arcade, inXile Entertainment's Choplifter HD takes the classic rescue chopper gameplay of the 1982 PC original and "amps it up" with zombies, explosions, and the odd cameo. More »


Three Guys, 18 Million Blocks, One Unbelievable Minecraft Video

It's just two minutes and twenty-two seconds of black and white video. In it we see a play-through of classic 80s Game Boy title Super Mario Land. Pretty bland stuff, until you hear how it was created. More »


Archie Meets KISS and Titan Metal Sonic Goes on a Rampage in This Week's Most Interesting Comics

This is a slow week for new comic books. There are fewer new ones to get excited about. Don't fret. There are some, and they don't all involve Archie and Jughead hanging out with members of KISS.
Here are my and Evan Narcisse's recommendations:
Comics You Should Consider Buying (from comics... More »


What If Arkham City Were a Suburb of Springfield?

Artist Dean Fraser of Springfield Punx fame is up to his old tricks again, giving the heroes and villains of Batman: Arkham City a Simpsons-style makeover. More »

The Gritty Adult Mario Game You Want But Will Never Get

Earlier this year Splash Damage character artist Jon Fletcher crafted a magnificently twisted take on Mario for Polycount's Brawl contest. Now he gives us his twisted take on Mario's lanky brother and a splash screen for a game we'll never play but desperately want to. More »


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