I Can't Believe This is an Indie Adventure Game

I lost my shit a little while ago when I first saw Stasis, an upcoming indie sci-fi horror game on the PC. I'm losing a little more today, because there's a new trailer for it.

While it looks like an isometric Dead Space, it's actually an adventure game. A proper, old-fashioned, point-and-click adventure game. That just happens to look amazing.


It's almost entirely the work of 3D artist Chris Bischoff, and while the game doesn't have a release date, you can keep up with its development over on the TIGSource boards.

Oh, and also attached is a gameplay trailer, in case you just want to see how it plays.

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Just to share...there was an indie point-and-click adventure/horror game released some years back that I enjoyed. Its called The White Chamber and is completely free for download from the developer's (Studio Trophis) website. It may put you in the mood for this.