What's This, a Dark, Brooding Space Adventure Game?

Stasis is an upcoming indie adventure game set in space. It's for the PC. It's played from an isometric perspective. And it looks all kinds of dark and moody. Me and Stasis are off to a very, very good start.

Playing the role of John Maracheck, who wakes up from a stasis-induced sleep in an abandoned facility to find his family missing. Which can mean only one thing: you've got to wander around the place solving puzzles.


I'm really digging the whole look of the game. The dark sci-fi vibe taps into the best bits of late-90s PC gaming (with some Dead Space inspiration to boot), while the visuals look much nicer than you'd expect given the genre and the small development team.

Stasis will be out next year.

Stasis [Official Site]


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