I Breathe Fire and I VOTE

Bowser recently went into town to speak his mind about the dangers of unchecked power in the executive branch. Funny that a monarch would feel that way, but it's a free country, brah. More pics on the jump.

We got the link to this Flickr set, uploaded yesterday, but no explanation other than the location of the protest: Northampton, Mass., or so it said anyway.

I had a feeling Bowser is the kind of guy who supports a strong military. Of course, this is a funny picture in its own right. But once you make the sign, you gotta go wave it, and Bowser takes it downtown.

Here you can see Northamptonites wondering WTF a Tanooki suit is. Look, you can fly with it, you can turn into a statue ... never mind.


The protest culture in Northampton, Mass., must make San Francisco look like Pensacola, if three guys don't even bat a fuckin' eye at an anthropomorphic spiked turtle turtle picketing in front of a local bank.


Bowser Protest [Flickr, thanks Nick N.]

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