Report: Hunger Games Banner Has Protesters Facing Terrorism Charges

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Some environmental activists in Oklahoma used a Hunger Games banner as part of a protest against Devon, an energy company. For their trouble, reports say they were locked up and are now facing terrorism charges.


Having gained access to a building bearing Devon's name, the protestors erected two huge banners, one of them bearing the Mockingjay from Hunger Games. As Motherboard notes, there was also some glitter on this poster, which meant when it was unfurled, the glitter spilled down from a second-floor balcony.

While the mess was being cleaned up, and most of the protestors (two remained chained to the building's front door) were leaving peacefully, the FBI turned up. With a Hazmat van. They examined the glitter - which they described as a "black substance" - and arrested everyone.


Attorney Douglas Parr told website Dissenter that suddenly "Police on the scene were communicating with someone off site attempting to find some statute in the Oklahoma anti-terrorism statutes", and were "trying to figure out if one of those statutes could be applied to the banner droppers."

They sure could. Especially since Parr says the term "biochemical assault" was now being mentioned. While the activists chained to the door were charged with trespassing, the two who had unfurled the Hunger Games banner were booked with "terrorism hoax", a state felony. It's still being decided if they can be charged; if they are, it carries a maximum ten-year prison sentence.

For real. Because of glitter. On a Hunger Games poster.


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Glitter is a terrorist device. Have you ever gotten any on you? It starts with a bit on your hand, and then by the end of the night it's covering you head to toe. By the next day your place has glitter on every square inch. It's a horrific weapon of mass destruction.