Huge FIFA Roster Update Kicks Off Tomorrow

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News and notes from around the world of sports video gaming:

• Managing the player population for more than 30 professional leagues means that when FIFA drops a post-release roster update, it's usually a whopper. That will arrive tomorrow, per Romily Broad, the game's community manager. The title update will address the changes that took place during the January transfer window.


• Elsewhere in football news, a friendly reminder that FIFA Street's demo will arrive next week, and that the full title is one of those available in EA Sports "Season Ticket" subscription, which gives a three-day full preview of the game in advance of its release. FIFA Street drops on March 13, so this should be available March 9.

MLB 12 The Show has released new—and lengthy—gameplay videos. At left there is midseason Yankees at Tigers contest as captured by Machinima. GameTrailers also gives us the Angels and the Rangers, so you can see Albert Pujols in action with his new club. The videos are 12 and 17 minutes respectively, offering a look at the broadcast presentation and the new batting view. Of note, Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera have already combined for 57 home runs at the time of this game, which appears to be around midsummer or so judging by some of the records of pitchers elsewhere in the league.

WWE Wrestlefest, an iPhone and iPad port "faithfully recreated" from the 1990s 2D arcade experience, is now officially available on the iTunes App Store for $2.99 (iPhone) and $3.99 (iPad). If you don't have an iDevice or would prefer to play the game on a console, THQ says Wrestlefest be available this year on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. a more specific date was not mentioned. You can see a gallery of screens at left.


Batista Thumbs Up

Show looks great as always, but I think I'll be fine with sticking with 11 for another year. Not sold yet on WrestleFest; the cel-shaded graphics look meh and it'd be nice to have those DLC characters NOW; hopefully, they'll be available by the time they reach the proper consoles, which is what I'll wait for.