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YouTuber Blasts Machinima As The ContentID Controversy Grinds On [Update]

The controversy facing YouTube and video game channels now sees this broadside, by Clash (180,000 subscribers) against his network, Machinima.


The video echoes many complaints aired by others, particularly the feeling that, since YouTube changed the rules for how multi-channel networks like Machinima handle or manage their channels, there's little reason to belong to one. Clash in particular accuses Machinima of collecting ad revenue from his videos while doing little to no management or promotion on his behalf during the two year-relationship so far.


We've asked Machinima for a reaction.

Update, 7:57 p.m.: Machinima has provided this statement.

We are bummed to see that Clash isn't happy—he is truly one of our success stories. Our most successful partners are thriving because they create amazing content that resonates with the audience. In fact, we never take credit for our creators' successes, that credit belongs entirely to them. We always try to provide significant support, guidance and other opportunities for creators in our network—at various levels and stages given where they are in their career and what their goals are. We foster cross-promotion and collaboration across the Network on a daily basis. We have a dedicated support team. A development track that takes select partners and develops new shows for their channel and for the various Machinima channels. And, we provide amazing sponsorship opportunities with some of the largest brands in the world. We wish Clash nothing but continued success.

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I really wish these sorts of posts summarized the points made in whatever video they link to. Some of us are at work where YouTube videos are blocked.