Unpredictable anime-inspired space combat in the palm of your hands. That's what you'll get when the indie-developed Galak-Z—already slated for release on PS4 and PC— hits Vita later this year.


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I'm so happy Sony is just funneling every game they get down to the Vita. People can laugh and joke and go "lol where r the games" but honestly, despite the fact not many are AAA caliber titles and most are available on other platforms, the Vita library is absolutely insane in it's quality and you get some great bang for your buck with the sales and pricing. So many PC indies work wonderfully on a handheld, they look wonderful, and you can cram your memory card full of'em.

I was looking forward to this one but was unsure if I'd have a PS4 anytime soon...now I can play it regardless. Very stoked.