How's It Going?: Cold Brew Edition

A cup of iced coffee on a wooden table
A cup of iced coffee on a wooden table
Image: iMoa Kiatbordin Doojai (Shutterstock)

Oh no, Monday. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I’ve gotten into cold brew lately, after a lifetime spent insisting coffee that isn’t hot isn’t worth drinking. I’ve been drinking it with milk, a coffee habit I weaned myself off of to, as I put it at the time, break free of the tyranny of purchasing dairy (and also to feel butch about drinking coffee black). It’s expensive to buy the concentrate, so I’ve been thinking about making it myself, but despite drinking more coffee than is medically advisable, I don’t think I’m all that great at actually making coffee because I’m very casual about measuring. I do like the idea of a cooking project that involves cheesecloth but no actual cooking, though.


I’ve also noticed a distressing uptick in feeling anxious lately, which I’m completely sure has nothing to do with this new cold brew habit. So now I have to weigh my hipster morning treat against sighing “oh my god, calm down” at myself several times a day. 

So that’s my life lately. What about you? How’s it going?


A few years ago, my partner and I worked to wean ourselves off creamers and dairy in coffee. I had a realization that the 4 or 5 cups I would drink a day at work (free from the big ole coffee machine) were more for the sugar than anything else. Slowly went from creamer, to half and half, to milk, to finally black. I’ve never looked back!

Over the weekend, I finally finished the desktop for my new desk. Stained and sealed it. It’s got a beautiful color and I used 5 coats of a water-based polyurethane on the top. I have to do a final minor sand on it and it should be good to go. This week, I need to clean and seal the pipes for the legs. I’m excited to finally sit at my new desk this weekend! (though it still won’t be done. Need to some boards for the shelves I built into the legs)