Interested to see how your PC will run Street Fighter IV? Capcom has released a benchmark program ahead of the game's release next month, giving you ample time to find out for yourself.

System requirements are nice, but there's nothing quite like having a good old, resource hogging benchmark program at your fingertips. Depending on where you download it from, the official Street Fighter IV benchmark program comes in the form of a 397MB zip file, which unzips into a 416MB executable, which then uncompresses itself before installing, which I suppose might be one way to make sure you have enough space on your hard disk to run Street Fighter IV. Once you've got it installed, the benchmark lets you adjust graphics settings and resolutions, and then tests everything by running through a match pitting Ryu against Sakura.


Maxing everything but leaving the resolution to 1024 x 768, the frame rate stuck around 60-ish throughout the entire test, which would be quite heartening, if I had any plans to play the game on my PC.

Check out the link below to put your PC through its Street Fighter IV paces.

Street Fighter IV Benchmark [4Gamer.Net - Thanks Craig!]

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