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How to Survive Disaster: Day of Crisis

Illustration for article titled How to Survive Disaster: Day of Crisis

By shaking, pretty much. Siliconera took a look at the videos up on Disaster: Day of Crisis' Japanese web site and put together an analysis of how to survive a 24-hour span that competes with anything on Jack Bauer's calendar for "what next?"-style mayhem. Shaking helps you move wrecked cars, run from danger, or put yourself out if you're on fire. I guess they need Balance Board support if they wanted to implement "stop, drop and roll." Tilt driving also seems to be part of the fun but it's unclear whether that level is on rails or not. The game drops Sept. 25 in Japan, Oct. 24 in Europe, and is still TBD in North America. How to Survive Disaster: Day of Crisis [Siliconera]


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I take this not only with a grain of salt, but with a mountain of it. You can't judge the controls by videos made with the intent of exagerating the controls, take a look at Wii sports, in the videos people almost jump to catch the ball when all is needed is a flick and its done.

Anyway that screenshot is fulgy, Jesus Kotaku at least search for a better one to avoid the bitching of haters, its like you enjoy watching your audience bicker....