How To Make The Perfect Tron Or Daft Punk Costume

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If hoodies and t-shirts aren't going to cut the mustard for your next big Tron cosplay, you have better options: either make your own or have the woman who made Daft Punk's light-up costumes design it for you.


Janet Hansen runs Enlighted Designs a custom clothing company that specializes in the type of glowing get up featured in the forthcoming Tron Legacy. She's worked with artists like French electronic duo Daft Punk—who also happen to be contributing the soundtrack to Tron Legacy—and MIA on custom gear. And she's also the subject of a new episode of Vice TV's Motherboard.

Enlighted's custom designs start at $100 USD, so don't expect to go into a bespoke light-up costume, Tron-themed or otherwise, without investing a few bucks. If you'd prefer to simply dress up as a well-lit pimp in the Tron world, Enlighted has ready to wear options.

Just want to make one yourself? Instructables has a step-by-step process on how to integrate electroluminescent wire into clothes you may already own.

Note that StarCraft II's Tosh also sports fancy electroluminescent accents on his outer space armor. Call Halloween dibs on it now or regret it later.

Janet Hansen: Giving Daft Punk, MIA and Kanye that Laser Look []



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