My Other Hoody Makes Me Look Like Tron Guy, Only Cooler

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Are you wicked psyched for Tron Legacy? Or anything Tron for that matter? Then Threadless' new t-shirt and hoody combo, inspired by the Disney film and capable of turning any guy or girl into a casually dressed Program, is for you.


The "My Other Ride Is a Light Cycle" t-shirt and zip up hoody, designed by Rolf Nelson, just hit the design by community web site this week. The folks from Threadless were nice enough to hook us up with a wearable sample of the Tron-inspired get up, which I've been wearing comfortably for as long as t-shirts can be acceptably worn.

Oh, did I mention it glows in the dark? It does.

Printed on light blue tees in both guys and girls, as well as on American Apparel "mermaid green" flex fleece zip up hoodies, there's really no better option for becoming instantly Tron-esque right now. The print is oversized, meaning it's screened over the shoulders and over seams, so expect some slight variation in the print. No big deal, that's just how these things work.

Just expect a little more print inconsistency in the hoody version, as the print spans the zipper, pockets and thicker seams. Anal print perfectionists need not apply—instead they should really cut and sew their own.

Like other Threadless products, "My Other Ride Is a Light Cycle" is printed on fitted, soft cotton tees and slightly undersized American Apparel hoodies, so size up if you're at all concerned about your gut showing. Otherwise, at $20 USD for guys or girls tees and $45 USD for the hoody, it's a fair bargain, sure to get your some action at your local Tron Legacy midnight showing. It's also ideal for your next Frisbee throwing session—show everyone else you mean business.

Check out detailed pics of the hoody and its gladiatorial battle against my own gut in the gallery below.

My Other Ride Is A Lightcycle [Threadless]



If you are real man, you wouldn't be afraid of wearing this. Forget the pseudo tron hoody and go for the real thing and put a rolled up sucks in yah unitard.