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How To Easily Complete Some Halo Infinite Challenges Using Bots

Grinding through 343's new Xbox shooter and its battle pass can be a pain, so here's an easy tip to speed things up

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Halo characters from the new game with their faces replaced with robot stickers.
Screenshot: 343 / Microsoft / Kotaku

Halo Infinite’s early multiplayer launch on Nov. 15 was a fun surprise and in the time since then the general response to the beta has been favorable. But, the free-to-play shooter’s battle pass has been heavily criticized for being too slow to level up and filled with crappy rewards. While I can’t help you with the crappy rewards, I can help you level up the pass faster and hopefully get access to some of the better items sooner. All you have to do is kill some bots!

Okay, well there’s more to it than that, but that’s the big secret that I didn’t know about until Forbes’ Paul Tassi spilled the beans yesterday. Some weekly challenges in Halo Infinite can be completed in AI bot matches, without having to deal with other players.


In Halo Infinite, weekly challenges are split up into three tiers. The higher tiers, II and III, reward more XP but are harder and require players to complete them against actual players. However, many of the tier I challenges don’t include this same requirement, so you can head off to Bot Bootcamp to complete them.

While understanding the tiers in Halo Infinite is nice, the real key is to look for any challenge that involves PVP. Those can’t be completed in bot matches.


So challenges like “Kill Enemy Spartans with the Battle Rifle” or “Kill an Enemy Spartan with the Mangler” can be completed against bots. But challenges like “Kill an Enemy Spartan with the Rocket Launcher in PvP” or “Win a Total Control Match in PvP” can only be accomplished against actual players online.

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This won’t make the armor and cosmetics better and I still hope 343 improves and changes the way XP and battle pass unlocks work in Halo Infinite, but for now, this is a nifty little trick that has already helped me and others speed up their battle pass progression.


Not only can bots help you complete some weekly challenges, but players have also found out that many Xbox achievements can be unlocked against bots too. If you start to feel bad, you can always back out and up their difficulty to make things fair. But watch out because they will then get some (probably well-deserved) revenge.