How to Beat up Pokémon in Japanese Arcades

The new Pokémon fighting game, Pokkén Tournament is hitting arcades in Japan this summer, and a new trailer is out to offer new details, including a breakdown of the controls.


In the newly released trailer, some of the previously announced playable characters were shown as well as some new details were on how the game is played.

Subtitles: Toshi Nakamura

  • Apparently, battles will be divided into 2 phases – the "Field Phase" and the "Duel Phase." The exact details on the difference between these phases is still unknown, but apparently it will be possible to fight in either phase.
  • Through combat, a "resonance gauge" will be filled – no details on exactly how – which can be used to power up pokémon and unleash more powerful attacks in a "Resonance burst" during combat. From the looks of it, this "resonance" seems to have something to do with the pokemon trainer (the player, perhaps?) and how he/she controls the fighting character.
  • The dedicated controller is designed for easy use. Movement will be controlled by the D-pad. The X and Y buttons will be for strong and weak attacks, the A button will be for special abilities, and the B button will be for jumping. The L button summons support pokemon, while the R button is for guarding. Pressing the L and R buttons simultaneously when the resonance gauge is full will activate the resonance burst.
  • In Japanese arcades, customers can buy already-existing player profile cards that contain their personal play data for various Bandai Namco arcade games. Using these cards, players can save their progress in Pokkén Tournament, such as character levels, custom stat bonuses, and support Pokemon.
  • The game will support network play between arcades as well as local versus and single-player.

The unfortunately named, Pokkén Tournament will be released in Japanese arcades this summer. No word on an international release.

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Greg the Mad

Wait, it's using a controller?!

Why would you use a normal controller for an arcade game? Why not just release it on console in the first place?!