Sometimes, folks have trouble figuring out what to do with themselves when around attractive women. Nevermind when said woman is dressed as your favorite character from something or other. This video by Ardella Cosplay is here to walk you through everything from meeting a Real Live Girl to perhaps even taking a picture with a Real Live Girl.

I'm being flippant, of course—and yet I don't doubt there are people out there for which this would be genuinely useful even though it straddles the line between humor and actual advice.

The video is funny regardless of whether or not you're trying to learn how to not be a creeper, just by nature of how self-aware it is about the issue in the first place. Is the idea of giving someone some actual respect really so out there? Regardless, sosplayers and convention-goers in particular will recognize some of the situations it poses and people it makes fun of.

How to Avoid Being Branded a Convention Creeper [Ardella Cosplay]