Sony hasn't given up on making money. No way, no how. This financial year it even has a plan for achieving profitability. Phew! Kaz Hirai explained all at Sony's corporate strategy meeting today, laying out the game plan:

• Accelerating cost down efforts

» Chip shrink

» Reducing the number of components

• Strengthening the management

» Organizational Review

» Further reductions in SGA [Eds Note: Sales, General and Administration]

• Introducing more new and exciting titles

Sounds like there will be some belt-tightening over at Sony Computer Entertainment. Hit the jump for the rest of the plan:

• Enriching non-game content and services

• Enhancing PlayStation Network

• Expanding the market by further increasing the hardware installed base

Achieve Profitability in FY08

Sony Group's Mid-Term Corporate Strategy Meeting [Sony]