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You play Dead Space? Then you'll know Kendra and her whiny, whiny ways. Fortunately for Kendra, she was also a little easy on the eye. Ever wonder, then, how one of Maxim's "Hottest Video Game Babes of 2008" came to be?

Artist Joey Spiotto, who designed the character, has posted on his blog a run-down of how he designed one of the game's few (living) human companions, from her clothing to hairstyle to showcasing the work of the actress who "played" her.


For concept art fans or those just interested in general behind-the-scenes stuff, it's a good read! Especially the part about the proper actress Kendra is based on, Tonantzin Carmelo, who seems like a much nicer person than that (SPOILER) double-crossing space bitch (END SPOILER).

Dead Space - Kendra [Joebot, via GameSetWatch]

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