How One Man Spent $17,500 On A Video Game

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JJ Hendricks, an avid games collector, recently paid $17,500 for a single video game. If you've ever wondered what it feels like to spend that much on a video game, Hendricks has written all about it!


The game in question is one we actually featured a few weeks back: a gold Nintendo World Championships cartridge, which had originally been listed on eBay for $25,000.

There were only ever 26 of these ever made, and despite the fact they're not actually gold - it's just gold paint - they're safely the most expensive, valuable video games on the open market.

Having failed to sell at that price, Hendricks got in a lowball offer, one which was eventually accepted by the seller. And on VGPC, has written about it. The ups, downs, the obstacles, the ecstasy. Every sentence makes the knot in the pit of your stomach grow ever tighter.

It's a fun read! Fun because he's the one that spent $17,500 on a game, and not us.

How I Got Nintendo World Championships Gold [VGPC, via Offworld]




I am glad the guy had the money to spend on what he wanted. I wish I were in the same situation.

On that note, if I paid that much money for a game, and the shipper fucked with me like that,(I'd rather be beat up that psychologically screwed with like that).. canceling the order on me.. not sure what I would do, but I'd say it would lead me to paying a personal visit to the person..

Here's wanting to have a wealthy future to, so much money that I can too can blow it on things I want like this man.