How Much Would You Pay to Work in Video Games?

For a New York graphic artist, it's $1,000 - just $998.95 more than the price of freedom. He's offered $1,000 for information that leads to getting hired to a video games gig, but there are conditions.

For starters, he means permanent, full-time and salaried work. And it has to be in New York - ideally, Brooklyn. ("I might consider [New] Jersey or [Connecticut] if the commute from Brooklyn would be under 90 minutes") His preferred job titles are: "Pixel Artist," "Sprite Artist," "Illustrator," or "2D Animator."


"Though I have some experience with 3D, I don't have enough to be hired as a 3D Artist," he says.

For this, he'll pay $500 if he gets hired to the gig, and another $1,000 if he holds it for six months. Stunt? You betcha. Effective? Who knows. Why not just hire a headhunter? Probably because they're not seeing much out there amidst of the excruciating competition for very desirable jobs in a creative industry, which isn't exactly in the salad days it saw earlier in this century.

See the link if you think you can collect on this bounty or help this guy out otherwise. Good luck to you both.

Craigslist Ad Offers $1000 For Job in Video Game Industry [UGO]

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