How Many 'Easter Eggs' Can You Find in MLB 13 The Show's Latest Trailer?

Sony released this trailer today for MLB 13 The Show, and producer Ramone Russell vowed that "about 10 Easter Eggs are included in it."

Operation Sports's community has gone dissecting it frame-by-frame; here are some of their readers' guesses:

• "So RttS and HRD now both have some "personal lock on ball" view with a ball trail."


• "Uniform editor possibly outside of [Diamond Dynasty]"

• A ton of speculation around "The Show Live" a new feature that's gone largely undescribed to now.

• Andrew McCutcheon (a cover candidate) picking grass and floating it in the air opened a few guesses. "Why? Is it because of a pre game player analysis? 3D grass?"

• This one is confirmed by Russell himself: "In season modes, when a player is traded or joins a new team in the offseason, if they have a real photo it will be replaced with the cap screen shot. So basically if you do a fantasy draft franchise every player on your team will be wearing the correct hats and jerseys."


MLB 13 The Show's voting for its cover star will open next week, look for more details on the game then. The game arrives on shelves the first Tuesday of March.

MLB 13 The Show Trailer - First Look [Operation Sports]

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Does the "Still looks like it came out in 2007" count as an easter egg?

Or is that pretty much every sports game nowadays...