How Japanese Gamers Express Nerd Rage

Let's say you don't like a game. It pisses you off. If you nerd rage, you might do something to the game. Something bad. In Japan, that typically involves scissors.


One Japanese YouTube user with the handle "XboxFunBoy" unwrapped a new copy of Wii role-playing game The Last Story and then tears up the the instruction manual and Club Nintendo Points, before cutting the game disc with scissors. He even destroys the game's soundtrack. He then dumps kimchi on the decimated game, further rendering it useless. All of this on folded cardboard — as not to make a mess!

The Last Story was designed by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, whose previously home console games, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, were Xbox 360 exclusives. The Last Story is being published by Nintendo.


Perhaps, the gamer is upset that The Last Story is a Wii exclusive and won't be coming to the Xbox 360 like recent Sakaguchi games.

There is a long tradition of cutting games to pieces as an expression of Japanese nerd rage. Just look at what happened to Xbox 360 game Tales of Vesperia when it was revealed that it was coming to the PS3.

While YouTube users point out to XboxFunBoy that he wasted money and gave Nintendo another sale, this ritualistic destruction is the strong expression of internet nerd rage. Not only was the individual willing to waste money, but he was willing to eliminate any chance of selling the game second hand or allowing anyone else to play the destroyed copy.

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Why rip up the Nintendo points? The Nintendo points are unrelated to the game in any way and are therefore salvageable. You might as well get something out of your purchase.

Also, he Really struggled with that disc.