You've seen what creative people in Japan have done with bentos, right? Well, imagine the same thing with hot stews.

It's fall! Soon it will be winter. And in late fall and especially during winter, people in Japan traditionally make hot-pots, called "nabemono" (鍋物) or simply, "nabe" (鍋). And now, some folks are making them cute.


Last year, Kotaku reported how some folks were making art out of grated radish.

This year Japanese television is already reporting on a "dekonabe" (デコ鍋) or "decoration hot-pot" trend in Japan.

[Photo: yuki08]

Have a look at some of Japan's dekonabe, with cute characters made from grated radish:

[Photo: RyoK1217]

[via Naver]

[Photo: megkikizill]

[Photo: yoneemon]

[Photo: lilyetk7]

[Photo: ainokiseki27]

[Photo: pinkdepink]

[Photo: h63a8c]

[Photo: OHAHEY]

[Photo: yoshigarden]

[via Naver]


Top Photo: Zip_TV

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