From the country that mastered latte art, comes grated radish art. It's cute and pointless. And that's what makes it so damn wonderful.

Japanese radish, or "daikon" (大根), is a common vegetable in the country's cuisine. Grated Japanese radish is called "daikon oroshi" (大根おろし), and it is served with fish and stew (nabe)—among many other dishes. These creations are called "daikon oroshi aato" (大根おろしアート) or "grated Japanese radish art."


Earlier this year, radish art really started appearing online in Japan in a noticeable way, with grated shaped chickens and snowmen popping up on Twitter—though Japanese radish art has been around much longer.

In the past 24 hours, however, numerous Japanese sites have featured the creations after this radish bear racked up thousands of views on Twitter. It's inspired others to create their own grated art.

Below, you can see some of the cutest—and most creative—Japanese radish art available online:

Photos: たかえにゃん, inashou, zzzk, KyokoMLove, Shigetaka, KimimaRock, KimimaRock, ちー, みょうえい, wakacham, とん亭九十九

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