To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: A Fool's Blessing

Somebody asked me the name of the book I read that helped me quit smoking. I forget. Sorry! However, one thing that really stuck with me that was in the book was the very obvious notion that people who don't smoke don't crave cigarettes after they get off an airplane or after they have a meal or after they see a movie. Like I said, obvious stuff, but I have never thought about it that way.


The notion that cigarettes controlled me really kinda irked me! You become a slave to smoking time. So, I stopped smoking cold turkey — going from a pack and a half a day to zero. I was a heavy smoker, and not a social smoker, but a smoker's smoker! The first couple of days were brutal, and I knew I couldn't gradually quit. I had to make a clean break. And like I said, those first few days were rough. I felt physically ill. But each day after that got gradually easy bit by bit. And over time, the urge to smoke disappeared.

So if you are trying to quit, that might help. It might not. And if you don't want to quit, smoke if you got 'em!

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