As we told you earlier in the year, a little-known fact about upcoming Platinum Games strategy title Infinite Space (formerly Infinite Line) is that it's being co-developed by Nude Maker, and Nude Maker's Hifumi Kouno is on director duties. Nude Maker, as you may already have deduced, sometimes dabble in less combative titles. As in, they've done erotic games. And that experience, believe it or not, is helping them build Infinite Space. Speaking with Kouno at TGS, we learned that, while the game's a space strategy game, it also contains a lot of dialogue. A lot. Loads and loads of 2D character chit-chat, and multiple, branching storylines to go along with it. Which is exactly what makes up the bulk of an ero game. Talking, and talking, and having the plot advance because of what you just said. Indeed, the game's are so similar in this regard that Kouno said without the help of the company's custom dialogue system - built to handle the progression of the ero games - Infinite Space's complex story development and branching plot-lines just wouldn't have been possible. Add to that the fact Kuono also said that the game's going to be as heavy on character growth and the "exploration of themes", and that like the tech, the team's experience in building characters for the ero games has been priceless in fleshing out the game's characters. Sometimes, just sometimes, the world can be an amazing place.