Where does that leave Aloy and Sylens?

While Aloy succeeds in preventing a second apocalypse in Horizon Zero Dawn, huge questions remain. What was the glitch that caused the Faro Chariot machines to go rogue in the first place? Who sent the signal that caused GAIA’s subordinate AIs to become self-aware and start causing trouble? And what’s Sylens’ goal in all of this?


Sylens aided HADES in the formation of the Eclipse and exploited Aloy on a number of occasions, but Horizon Zero Dawn also hints at his intentions being much more complicated than greed or curiosity. Faro’s decision to destroy APOLLO and deprive future generations of knowledge is a special sticking point for him, especially since he’s seen its violent consequences firsthand with the Red Raids and Carja Civil War.

As far as Aloy is concerned, the main threat from HADES is over, but GAIA’s other rogue AIs are still loose and causing chaos and, as the setup to Horizon Forbidden West reveals, a new blight is taking over the land. How will she MacGyver her way out of this one? We’ll find out soon enough.