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Home's Virtual Star Trek Contest Wins You Virtual Star Trek Stuff

Illustration for article titled Homes Virtual Star Trek Contest Wins You Virtual Star Trek Stuff

While PlayStation Home may not have the power to immerse on par with Star Trek's holodeck technology, at least your PlayStation 3 avatar can look the part, thanks to free digital Starfleet uniforms.


The uniforms are available to PlayStation Home users as part of a competition that will challenge those who take part in the majesty of Home to create look-alike avatars for Kirk, Uhura, and Sulu. What can you win? Star Trek stuff for your Home apartment! Beam your Home friends over and look at your spoils, should you win.

Unfortunately, the Star Trek contest is limited to PlayStation fans located in the real-world continent of Europe. But should be a representative of this mystical land, read on for the contest's rules and regulations. I'm off to grab a virtual Starfleet uniform!


1. Collect the STAR TREK Starfleet uniforms now available for free in the Threads Store in PlayStation Home.

2. Create a look-alike avatar for only one of the STAR TREK leading characters Kirk, Uhura, or Sulu using the character customization tools in PlayStation Home. Reference images can be downloaded here

3. Using a digital camera, take three pictures of your avatar on screen: one close-up headshot, one side-on headshot and one full length body shot.

4. Upload your three images to Flickr, tag them "Star Trek Avatar Contest", make sure to fill out the picture descriptions with your PSN ID, and submit them to the following Flickr group. Once approved, they will appear in the group pool and you are officially entered into the competition.


5. Entrants are asked to submit one entry (Kirk, Uhura, or Sulu) by the deadline of 7pm GMT, Friday. May 1st 2009. A winner will be chosen for each character and announced on Friday May 8th 2009 on the Silverscreen blog and the SCEE PlayStation Home forum.

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Here before people start to say "People still go on this?".

Home rocks.