Homefront's Future Plans Include London

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At E3, Homefront was offhandedly mentioned to me as inspired by Resistance, just without the aliens, naturally. As if to drive that point home, the man in charge of THQ's core games portfolio already has designs on London.

Homefront, written by John Milius ("Apocalypse Now," and "Red Dawn,") is set in Colorado, 2027, with the player as a member of a local resistance to a Korean invasion. THQ's Dan Bilson says the writing hasn't stopped there. "We've created this massive world of 2027. And it's global," he told CVG. "We haven't got there yet but you're going to see Homefront: London later on in the franchise. This is not just a game in the U.S."

What I saw of Homefront (which is exactly what Totilo wrote about in depth here) was compelling. I didn't fixate so much on the gameplay as I did the circumstances, especially the existence of a "drama engine" that's going to try to yank your emotions during the action's crescendo. But what really got my attention wasn't the horrors of war on your home soil, but the thought of $20 gasoline in that trailer. Sheesh.


The game is due out in 2011, and it's being developed by Kaos Studios.

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nate venture


I was really hoping to see something of R3 at this year's E3. A trailer, some official confirmation of it's development, something. I desperately want to know where they're going with it, who I'll be playing as, etc. etc.

But as for Homefront, I'm not sure if I like the idea of a super-expanded world. I don't want a sequel set in London, that's essentially the same thing in a different locale. Now, if they made Homefront: London, and made it a different sort of struggle (i.e. local forces and allies struggling to maintain control of the UK, not just fighting occupying forces as a resistance), then I'd be more on board.