Homefront Will Require Online Pass — But Renters Can Still Try Its Features Free

The occupied-America shooter Homefront will require THQ's Online Pass - a one use code that comes free in retail copies of the game - to access the game's online multiplayer. But accommodations will be made for renters or used-copy purchasers.

Those without a valid code may still play online multiplayer on all maps, but may only advance to level 5 (out of 75 in the game's ranking structure), reports Shacknews. There is no time limit on how long they may play, only the level cap.


THQ's Online Pass, first implemented with UFC Undisputed 2010, costs $10 for someone who buys a used copy of Homefront with an expired or nonexistent code. It's similar to Electronic Arts' "Project $10" and the EA Sports Online Pass. The program effectively gives publishers a cut of used sales, if a used buyer wants the complete game, anyway.

Homefront To Use THQ's Online Pass [Shacknews]

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