"Home Turf" for DC Universe Online Lets You Build Your Own Super Hideout

It's been a good long while since I last logged into DC Universe Online. I forget where I left my villain—he's probably standing in the rafters at Club L'Excellence. Home Turf, however, a DLC expansion SOE announced yesterday with this video, might get me to return. And the good news is that, despite what that trailer says at the end, it has a release date: next Tuesday.

This isn't simply Hearthfire meets DCUO, even if it does give you the means of building a hideout. It comes with something called The Mainframe, which is your super-person's R&D lab, pumping out devices for you to use in combat, and sending supply drops your way when you need a buff. You also get a sidekick (accomplice if you're a villain) and henchmen (backup if you're a hero.)


The pack is $9.99 if you're not a Legendary subscriber, and the Jan. 29 release is good for both PC and PS3. European PS3 players get it on Jan. 30.

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