Godwin's Law states that "as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1." As basically all video game discussion takes place online, let's just cut to the chase and give der fuehrer's take on recent topics of interest to gamers.

I wanted to rage about Blizzard's indefensibly stupid always-on DRM for a singleplayer game, but Kirk hit that subject as it was unfolding, and stayed on it like a german shepherd with its fangs in a mailman's ass. I wanted to curate the best angry review-bomb comments for Diablo III, but Bash beat me to that punch. So let's just go ahead and say it with Hitler, shall we?

Hitler Wants to Play Diablo 3

Adolf's pretty confident he's going to be the first to throw down in Tristram on the day of release. Then a power outage foreshadows everything the United States had to deal with.


May 13, 2012.
By Ezi0AuditoreDiFirenz

Hitler cant play Diablo 3

This was uploaded a day before the shit goes down, but Hitler's given the same news as the rest of us, and responds proportionately. He too bought a Razer gaming keyboard for this.
May 14, 2012.
By Tekisui Ki

Hitler Reacts to Error 37

Here we have it at last. The staff explain to Der Fuhrer that even if he's only playing singleplayer, he still needs for Blizzard's crappy servers to be working.


May 17, 2012.
By HeroicSock

Hitler finds out that the AC 3 Steelbox has no game in it

By far the best part is when the creator just gives up and goes (German nonsense.) (ANGRY german nonsense) during the off-camera rant. And that poor flunky, what the hell, he had to add it to the cart to see the price!


May 15, 2012.
By snoop466

(Image via captain-america.us)