His Airness in Defeat, in Victory, and in NBA 2K10

Back in April, Operation Sports's MessenjahMatt put together this excellent recreation of famous Michael Jordan performances in NBA 2K10. As Jordan is confirmed to be playable in NBA 2K11, it's potentially a look at what that might entail.

Although 2K Sports was mum on the subject speaking with me (and everyone else), ESPN reported earlier that the studio was approaching other NBA figures for the use of their likenesses. One would have to think some kind of playable career-highlights mode is going to be a part of this - The Shot versus Cleveland, his 63 points against Boston, the switched-hands layup against Los Angeles, etc.


MessenjahMatt (who's done Jordan tributes in 2K10 before) gives us highlights from two Jordan defeats - the 1995 Eastern Conference semifinals against Orlando, and the 1998 Eastern Conference finals against Indiana - followed by one very iconic victory: the championship winner he made in the 1998 NBA Finals against Utah, his last game as a Chicago Bull. The audio in this video comes from Jordan's famous "Failure" ad for Nike. That ad featured no game highlights, just Jordan solemnly entering the arena before a game.

NBA 2K10 'Failure' Nike Commercial [Operation Sports]

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Tony Kaye ⌨

I had the poster with the words to this on it. Talk about inspirational.

I remember playing the older NBA Live games and having to create Michael Jordan, add him to the Bulls, get him in the lineup as a starter, etc. Those were the days. Spending 2 hours to create MJ before actually getting to play him. Damn kids get Jordan handed to them now.

And stay off my lawn too