High Voltage Traps Ghostbusters Engine

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High Voltage, the developers behind the Wii-exclusive first-person shooter The Conduit, have signed up for a lifetime license to the Ghostbusters-powering Infernal Engine, gearing up for some Xbox 360 and PC development.


With The Conduit out of the way and a couple more Wii projects being polished off, High Voltage Software is now ready to make the leap into the "next-generation." They've signed an agreement with developer Terminal Reality that grants them a lifetime license for the Infernal Engine, which was the driving force behind the extremely well-received Ghostbusters: The Videogame on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Joe Kreiner, VP Sales and Marketing at Terminal Reality, neatly dismisses the Wii as a current generation platform.

"With more than 75 titles shipped, High Voltage Software has a proven track record of developing quality products on all of the current platforms. Through the use of the Infernal Engine technologies, they are now able to extend that remarkable track record into the next-generation platforms."

Poor Wii. Still, considering how painful it was to read reviews for The Conduit, perhaps moving to a new platform is in order.



Well they've suddenly changed their tune. Anyway, they'll probably do even worse on the 360 and PS3 than they have done with The Conduit on Wii. I mean the controls were brilliant and the online multiplayer is good fun. But it stops there, the campaign is bland and the game is incredibly generic visually. The Grinder looks similarly generic, yet also fun - like The Conduit. The issue is that the type of Wii games they are making are in genres which aren't very diverse for the console and so they have a good chance of getting noticed. On the HD consoles? With the 360 especially, their types of games are already saturated and they'll have trouble standing out at all if they keep this level genericity.