Hidden Details Buried In The Dark Souls II Expansion's New Trailer

A patch to prepare Dark Souls II for its upcoming Scholar of the First Sin update is coming on February 5. Though Scholar of the First Sin itself doesn't arrive until April, Bandai Namco's revealed a tiiiiny bit more of what's in store for players who return to Majula in a new trailer.

There's still plenty we don't know, but we can begin to tease out some new details from here.


My first death in Dark Souls II came right after the starting location. Players haven't entered Majula, and it's possible to come across a pair of nasty cave trolls. Exploration is key to Dark Souls, though, so it's the game's way of punishing you for doing exactly what you were supposed to do. You know, Dark Souls being Dark Souls. In Scholar of the First Sin, enemies have been moved around. Think of it as enemy remixing. The cave trolls have a new friend: a pursuer.

Pursuers are nasty. You wouldn't want to fight one so early on. I now feel bad for newcomers.

There appears to be a new location for the flexile sentry, too.

It's hard to tell if Dark Souls II is becoming a better looking game. We've been told the graphics are being tweaked for this release, at least on PC and new consoles, but it's unclear how far they're going—or what version we're watching in this video. Of course, it's still not what the developers promised ahead of the game's release, which remains a point of controversy for fans.


If you're unfamiliar with the Dark Souls II lighting controversy, here's a decent comparison:

I still think Dark Souls II is a pretty good looking game, but I understand why folks were upset.


There's probably more to be found in the trailer, but it's been a while since I played Dark Souls II. That said, I'm excited to get back into it, and try a build without a sword and shield for once.

If you noticed anything else in the trailer, make sure and let me know!

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I'm still annoyed with the whole buying the new game all over again thing.

I bought the original. I bought the expansions. This should be a free patch for me.

I would ignore it if it wasn't going to split the online community between versions (which it will).

Oh well, I also have a PS4 and will move on to Bloodborne instead.