Sure, she will. Know who else has been in Playboy? Gore Vidal. (Link SFW.) See, we never said anything about Olivia Munn appearing in Playboy nude.

Here's a video teasing the Attack of the Show host's shoot in the next edition, so, yeah, this is basically a big free ad for Playboy. And G4, I guess. And since she's not gonna be nekkid, this is also a tease of a tease, which makes it a hall of mirrors of frustration, like blue balls in infinite regression.

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Video Game - E3 2009 - Attack of the Show

People are making a big deal about Olivia being one of the few to do a cover shoot without a nude layout, a list that also includes Steve Martin, thankfully. She's just showing solid business acumen - you can only take it off the first time, one time, after all. And she's also not being a skank.


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