Hey Kids, Now You Can Ride Sonic (the Rollercoaster)

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You'll have to visit the Alton Towers Resort in the U.K., but Sega Europe has inked an "exclusive video game rights" deal with the amusement park, which includes a "ride and stay experience." Can we please have more double entendres?


The ride will be called "Sonic Spinball," and it will be an updated version of the resort's existing "Spinball Whizzer" ride. The Sonic ride opens Saturday, Feb. 13.

As for what riders will encounter, I'm guessing a ton of loops, probably some big launches and steep drops.

That covers the "ride" aspect. As for the "stay," it seems Sonic is getting his own themed room at the Alton Towers Hotel.

Sonic Hits Alton Towers [MCV via Nerd Bastards]



Finally a rollercoaster with a theme that makes sense.