Hackers appear to have struck RockBand.com and DanceCentral.com right as the games' maker, Harmonix ended a 281-week run of offering new songs to both rhythm games. While that may seem late to the party to some, to others, closing down a service might be a great time to harvest user names and passwords and try using them to crack other accounts.


Both websites have been taken down as Harmonix investigates the breach. The company says none of its sites maintained any credit card, bank account or other purchase information, nor social security numbers or other identifiers of that type. That said, some users' info was exposed.

For now, everyone's passwords have been disabled, and when they are reactivated, account holders will be required to reset them. Anyone who used that password on another site is advised to change it there. The outage will last at least for the weekend.

Sound Check [RockBand.com]

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