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I'm thirty years-old. I grew up with Transformers. My favorite? Starscream. My second favorite? One of those dinosaur Transformers. (That, or the gun Transformers.) My third? Optimus Prime.

You know, the original Optimus Prime toy.

When we went toy shopping, Mini-Bash found a Transformer toy he wanted — the new version of Optimus Prime. So..... Mini-Bash opens it on his birthday, and he can't transform it.

Sure, kid, I'll do it. Thing is, I couldn't transform it. The steps didn't make sense and felt forced and needlessly complex. I got out the instructions, but that didn't help much either.


I don't ever remember using instructions for Transformers when I was a kid.

According to the packaging, this new and "improved" Optimus Prime is ages 5 and up.

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