If you want to eat at a conveyor belt sushi (回転寿司 or "kaiten zushi") restaurant, kids in Japan need to have their parents take them. Not anymore! Soon, they'll be able get aboard the sushi train at home.

This is "Super Seizing At Home Conveyor Sushi," a toy that will be out this spring in Japan. It's basically a plastic train set with coaches with plates on them. There is track so you can make a circle and then have your own rotating sushi restaurant in the comfort of your home.


The Japanese name of this toy uses the phrase "niginigi" (ニギニギ) and that refers to "nigiru" (握る), which means to "grasp" or "seize", or here, "mould sushi." That's why this comes with sushi making tools that will have you (well, children) form a delicious-looking meal.

The play set, however, does not come with raw fish. Nor is it as fast as "high-speed" conveyor belt sushi. But it looks cute and fun.

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