Heroes Of Dragon Age Is Out. Hooray?

The "hooray" all depends. How much do you love Dragon Age? How do you feel about mobile collectible card games? Do free-to-play games make you queasy? So many variables.

Available today for free on Google Play and iTunes, Heroes of Dragon Age is essentially one of those mobile collectible card games — where you wind up paying for rare cards because they are more powerful? Yeah, one of those, only instead of cards we've got EA-backed 3D characters, with a Dragon Age flair.


There is no real fighting — battles are fought automatically. Combat strategy happens in-between quests and duels, as players try to construct the perfect team to tackle a situation.

It's more polished than other games in the genre, and there's a bit more depth, but ultimately it's just a very pretty Dragon Age card game, with a free-to-play model that's heavily balanced towards pay-to-win.

Is that exciting enough for a "hooray?"

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