HeroCraft Fills The iPad With Majesty

Smartphone developer HeroCraft is bringing Paradox Interactive's Majesty series to the iPad, with a belief that the device will "provide the ideal platform for gaming."

Russian developer HeroCraft might be better known right now for its Java mobile phone games, but the team behind such classic titles as Bikini Balls and Erotic Galaxy now sets its sights on a bigger target. They've announced that a version of PC strategy game Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim will be the company's first full-resolution game for the iPad, offering up this initial screenshot, which is in no way just an iPhone graphic with game graphics pasted onto it.


"We're impressed by the new Apple tablet device" said Alexey Sazonov, Sales and Marketing Director at HeroCraft, "we believe it will provide the ideal platform for gaming, filling the gap between traditional desktop and mobile phone devices. Coming from a strong PC background 'Majesty' will work tremendously well on a high resolution portable device like the iPad."

And it certainly could, but first the game will arrive on Java, Android, and BlackBerry handsets, with the iPad version following soon after.

And so the bandwagon slowly begins to fill.

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