Metal Gear Solid V On the Xbox One Looks Fantastic

Today during the Microsoft press conference at E3, Microsoft unveiled a ton of new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain footage. Snake seems to be in Afghanistan, can ride horses, and still does that whole sneaking thing.

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So much Red Dead Redemption in that beginning scene. I also notice they don't use any voice acting for Big Boss throughout the entire video. Interesting tidbit, that.

EDIT: Let me edit this for my incorrectness. He DID seem to speak to Kaz. All other times, it was off screen without Big Boss being shown. I find it odd that a story intensive game doesn't show their mocapped voice actor doing what a mocapped voice actor does best: Voice act, with facial movement. Who knows, may be that the polishing touch isn't done on his face. Regardless, it's a bit odd, no?