Here's What Happens If You Say No At The Beginning Of Persona 5

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Before you start playing Persona 5, a video game about stylish teens learning how to take care of a cat, you need to answer a simple question: Do you agree that the game is fictional?


If you say no, Persona 5 won’t joke around or repeat the question. It just won’t allow you to play. (Of course, you can just start a new game again right afterwards—it’s not going to lock you out permanently.)

These days, to preempt lawsuits, a lot of video games start off with messages like that. “Hey guys, this is fiction, so it’s just a coincidence if your name is also Kratos and you also murder lots of harpies.” But it’s not common for a game to deny you access until you’ve agreed that it’s fictional, which is a very Persona thing to do.


Although maybe what Atlus really should’ve done is made you promise not to stream.

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Patrick Hogan

I did this. I thought it went with the game’s whole fuck the police vibe to be as contrarian as possible. Nope.