On Halloween, around a thousand zombies descended on Tokyo Tower. That's a lot of zombies.

The zombies weren't real zombies (sorry!), but comprised of beauty school students, people who dig dressing as zombies, and former sumo champ Akebono, who also might dig zombie make-up but isn't a beauty school student. The event was part of a promotion for The Walking Dead's new season.

Below you can see photos courtesy of AP and photographer Shizuo Kambayashi.



And here are some pics from Twitter:


This is anecdotal, sure, but several of my Japanese friends are really into The Walking Dead, so I guess it has a big enough following to warrant a stunt like this. If it doesn't, how cool is it to see this many zombies in Tokyo?

曙"ゾンビ"、保田圭を襲う [Oricon]

'Zombies' swarm Tokyo Tower [Yahoo! News via Spoon & Tamago]

Photos: yy0928, komayo_j_u_r, napotsun

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