Here's Ice-T's Chainsaw Kill in Gears of War 3

As we all know by now, Ice-T voices a character in Gears of War 3. This minute-long montage of gameplay, courtesy of Gamespot, features him as "Aaron Griffin," and Ice-T's catch phrases over Griffin's attacks. Now we know why the actor/rapper was so fired up that he wrote this tribute to the game and performed it at E3. NSFW warning for profanity (not Coco).

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Okay now after watching that. Everyone think of the Uncharted 3 Beta. Yeah I know after playing the Gears3 beta and watching this EPIC intensity. It's hard to play a simple low key multiplayer shooter like the Uncharted 3 Beta. Everything feels wrong about it. The way you move. The way you shoot and the unsatisfying kills. Wonky cover system. I can only speak for myself. Don't get me wrong though. I love the Uncharted series for it's single player campaign and that's where the game shines for me.